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The Antrix Group of Companies began humbly as a diamond trading company. Slowly, the scale of operations of this group developed.┬áLarge manufacturing factories were setup, and the customer-base grew. The factories were decades ahead of their times – both in technology and in culture. With innovative construction techniques, and focus on technology and standardization of operations, Antrix’s diamonds sold at a premium and surpassed Belgium’s diamond qualities through the 90s.


Not willing to invest in a single industry, the board of the group decided to diversify into healthcare – the market they saw as the fastest growing market in India. However, with the promise of growth came a fresh bunch of challenges. With limited education, basic concepts of hygiene were difficult to find during the late 90s. However, due to persistent efforts, Antrix’s healthcare division grew to this stage, and is ready to grow exponentially at this point.


Healthcare is definitely the most promising market in India, and it’s also at the crest of its maturity. Antrix intends to ride this trend and lead this healthcare revolution in India, and the rest of the world.


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