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Beta Guard


Aldehyde-free, high-level cleaning and disinfection of surface and environment

  • Eco-friendly, non-irritant, non-carcinogenic, non-toxic.
  • Excellent cleaning performance and odour control.
  • Broad spectrum of disinfection – effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses. Kills MSRA and VRE.
  • Excellent material compatibility; solution is neutral to floor finish (will not dull floor finishes)
  • Pleasant fragrance and prolonged residual effect.


  • Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride 5 gms
  • Corrosion Inhibitors, Fragrance, Surfactants, Excipients Q.S.
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Range of Application 

  • Critical Areas like ICUs, NICUs, Operation Theatres, AKDs etc. and Production Areas in Pharmaceutical Industries where cleaning and prevention of cross-contamination are critical.
  • Can also be used in semi-critical areas for the cleaning and disinfection of wipe resistant surfaces, especially equipment surfaces and objects in high-touch areas close to the patients in medical environments.
  • Suitable for immersing objects. Ideal for areas with high dirt and odour stress.
  • Can also be used in kitchen and food areas.


  • Surface disinfection according to DGHM:
    Hygiene Nord, Greifswald, 2004

    Prof: Dr. R. Schubert, Frankfurt, 1999
    Prof. Dr. B. Wille, Gießen, 2000
  • Surface disinfection according to DVG:
    Dr. U. Färber, Gießen, 1994
  • M. Terrae-efficacy:
    Prof. Dr. R. Schubert, Frankfurt, 1999
  • HBV/HlV efficacy:
    Dr. J. Steinmann, Bremen, 2000
  • BVDV(HCV)/Vaccina and Noro Viruses efficacy:
    Dr. Steinmann, Bremen 2004
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Usage Methods

Beta Guard needs to be diluted to 0.5% i.e. just 5 ml of solution in 1 Litre of water.

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Our Promise of Quality 

  • Our partner is Dr. Deppe, a ISO 13485 certified company headquarted in Germany. The Dr. Deppe range of products is directly imported from their factory in Kempen, Germany. Dr. Deppe has meticulously engineered this product and used surfactants of premium quality. Due to this, Beta Guard produces superlative disinfection efficacy. 
  • Our products are manufactured as per EN | C€ norms in GMP / GLP certified facilities. All our raw materials are imported and purchased from credible vendors certified under US or European FDA regulations. The only ingredient we purchase locally is water, and that too only after it has been treated with industrial reverse osmosis methods.
  • Every batch of raw materials that enters our facility is tested thoroughly and rigorously, to ensure consistency in the superior quality of our products. For more information, please visit this link. 
  • Beta Guard protects the delicate balance of the environment. The outputs from the manufacturing process are biodegradable, reflecting our commitment to build a better future for generations to come.
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