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Salient Features:

  • 7-inch touchscreen with color coded
    User Interface Design
  • Can handle a wide range of pressure
    and flow rates
  • Can sense if the chemical is over and
    display a warning
  • Can dilute up to 4 products
  • Modular design; easy to service
  • Sleek, compact and light; easy to
  • Very accurate
  • Sealed containers prevent fumes from affecting workers.

Key Advantages: 


  • Light and compact body, equipped with the ability to dilute up to 4 chemicals.
  • Pre-calibrated, with just 5 basic steps in the setup process. Requires minimal training to install at site.
  • Touchscreen control with colour coded User Interface Design makes it very easy to operate. There is minimal end user training required , which is especially beneficial in scenarios where staff attrition is high.
  • Dilution Rates of the products can only be changed by supervisors under PIN password protection, eliminating the possibility of human error and tampering.
  • Dilution Rates of the products, once changed, remain updated every time the machine is used. This means that the end user does not need to refer to dilution chart references, which minimizes the steps of operation.
  • The device’s modular design makes it very easy to assemble, dismantle and replace individual components. This makes servicing at site extremely easy.
  • The DMS can sense if the chemicals in the containers are over, and will display a warning and alter the amount of water dispensed in this situation. The health worker is not required to empty the chemical containers.
  • Containers remain sealed and health workers will never be exposed to hazardous or irritating fumes that emanate out of concentrated chemicals, thereby significantly increasing occupational safety.

How to Use:
1.Click on green Filling Cycle button:

Antrix stages

2. Click on product according to colour of tube:

antrix a

3. Choose how many liters to be dispensed with “+” and “-“ to add or subtract the number of
litres, and press green “START” button:

antrix 3

Easy Setup:

1. Mount the machine on the w.all

2. Screw the flexible pipe 1 on top of machine and at water outlet.

3. Screw the flexible pipe 2 on bottom of machine.

4. Dip silicon pipes into bottles / cans.

5. Turn on switch.

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