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ENDO STAR NEU is a comprehensively effective aldehyde and phenol free instrument disinfectant, with a superlative cleaning action. The innovative combination of active substances guarantees quick and comprehensive instrument reprocessing with low usage concentrations, while taking utmost care for the instrument.

  • Aldehyde and phenol free.
  • Bactericidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal (incl. M. Terrae).
  • Fast action (Shows effectiveness against M. Terrae within 15 min).
  • Virucidal against all enveloped viruses: BVDV/Vaccinia.
  • Virucidal against non-enveloped viruses: Rota, Adeno, Papova/SV40.
  • Highly effective against HBV/HIV.
  • Compatible with all types of surgical instruments and endoscopes.
  • Excellent cleaning properties, very economical.
  • Tested according to the standard methods of the DGHM, the norms of DIN EN for instrument disinfection, and the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for the efficacy against viruses.
  • Protects health workers, no toxic emission, no special protection required.


  • 5 g Alkyldimethylethyl ammoniumethylsulfate
  • 1 g Polyhexamethylenbiguanidhydrochloride 
  • 1.8 g Cocospropylenguanidiniumdiacetate

Synergistic ingredients: Alkylamine 5 g
Other ingredients: surfactants, corrosion inhibitors, auxiliary agents and pH-value regulators.

Endo Star Neu_1L_Sleeping_01_Image-min
Rigid Endoscopes

Range of Application

Endo Star Neu is compatible with thermostable and thermolabel instruments like flexible endoscopes, endoscopic accessories and anesthetic accessories, and also with ultrasonic cleaning devices and baths.


Certifications & Test Reports

Bactericidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal, incl. M.-terrae according to the standard method of the DGHM and DIN EN norms:
13624, 13727, 14348, 14561, 14562, 14563:

Hygiene Nord GmbH, Greifswald 2005
IKI, Giessen 2006
HygCen GmbH, Schwerin 2007
Efficacy against enveloped viruses
BVDV / Vaccina
Dr. Steinmann, Bremen

2005 / 2006
Efficacy against DHBV
Eurovir, Luckenwalde 2005
Efficacy against Adeno, Rota
Dr. Steinmann, Bremen 2005/2008
Useful life duration test on the usage solution
Hygiene Nord, Greifswald 2006
Efficacy against Simian Virus SV40
HygCen, Schwerin 2009

Listed in the disinfectant list of the German Society of Hygiene And Microbiology (VAH / DGHM)

Usage Methods 

% ml/L Application Time
According to DGHM/EN Bactericidal 1 10 60min.
Fungicidal Incl. Asprigillus niger
2 20 30min.
Tuberculocidal Incl. M. Terrae 3 30 15min.
BVDV / Vaccinia / BHDV 1
Efficacy against Rota Virus 2 20 15min.
Efficacy against Papova / SV40 /
3 30 30min.
With Ultrasonic bath 2 20 5min.
Endo Star Neu(1)

Our Promise of Quality

  • Our partner is Dr. Deppe, a ISO 13485 certified company headquarted in Germany. The Dr. Deppe range of products is directly imported from their factory in Kempen, Germany. Dr. Deppe has meticulously engineered this product and used surfactants of premium quality. Due to this, Endo Star Neu produces superlative disinfection efficacy.
  • Endo Star Neu has been officially recommended as safe and effective for use by medical instrument and endoscope manufacturers like Karl Storz, Pentax, Olympus, and Richard Wolf.
  • Every batch of raw materials that enter our facility is tested thoroughly and rigorously, to ensure consistency in the superior quality of our products. For more information, please visit this link.
  • Endo Star Neu protects the delicate balance of the environment. The outputs from the manufacturing process are biodegradable, reflecting our commitment to build a better future for generations to come.
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