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Udaipur City Palace

We manufacture our products in 2 large state-of-the-art facilities located in the city of palaces and lakes, Udaipur. This location was chosen specifically by our Managing Director to build a large diamond cutting and polishing factory in 1988. The diamond company had some very large clients and suppliers, and a stunningly beautiful city like Udaipur was the perfect place for entertaining guests during factory visits. This city provides the perfect balance of work and peace, creating an overall enjoyable experience.


The First thing our Managing Director does when Antrix sets up a factory is plant several trees along the border of the facility, as well as on the road outside. Very often, our factories are recognized by their tree cover, and not the name.


Our state of the art laboratory in the safe and competent hands of the masterchef and production manager.


Being in the business of infection control, we set a new standard of hygiene in our industry. Each bottle that leaves our factory is cleaned thoroughly to maintain a pristine environment for our products to reside.
We maintain an infection free environment inside our facility with a state-of-the-art air handling unit. This ensures that the impact of our products are not altered because of dust or other environmental conditions.


With a young mind spearheading the backend of the company, Antrix is going through the high tech renaissance. Our back office is completely connected to our cloud, and so are our factories systems. Information is updated real time, which ensures extreme efficiency. Very soon, we will have indigenous factory automation systems which will integrate with our real time Management Information System ¬†which will integrate with our real time Management Information System to create Iron Man’s workspace.

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