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Infekto Cide X Spray 

Ready-to-use Rapid Spray Disinfectant for Sensitive Medical Devices & Surfaces 

Salient Features:  

  • Ready-to-use formulation with excellent cleaning and disinfection action 
  • Effective against MSRA & mycobacteria (TBC) 
  • Effective against HBV, HIV, HCV & Rota Virus 
  • Broad spectrum of microbicidal, fungicidal & virucidal action 
  • Disinfection without visible residue 
  • Rapid action between 5 seconds and 5 minutes  
  • Rapid disinfection for OTs between surgeries  
  • Compatible with all types of surfaces, especially water-sensitive surfaces & equipment  
  • Simple solution for rapid disinfection of ICU, NICU, OT, AKD, Ophthalmology Daycare Centres, and Dental Clinics  
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Active Ingredient in 100gms: 

  • Ethanol              40 gms 
  • 1-Propanol        10 gms 
  • Glutaral 50%     0.036 gms 
  • Benzalkonium   0.10 gms 

Chloride 50%     

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Range of Application:  

  • For quick disinfection of operation tables, treating areas, dental chairs etc. between two patients. 
  • For disinfection of high risk areas like Operation Theatres, ICCU, NICU, AKD, Ophthalmology Daycare Centres, etc. 
  • For disinfection of surfaces and objects that cannot be washed with water based disinfectants.  
  • One product for disinfection of surfaces and sensitive medical equipment, lights operation tables, cardiac and anesthetic accessories, computers etc. Also ideal for laboratories and diagnostic centres. 
  • For effective disinfection in media labs, vaccine & injectable manufacturing units in pharmaceutical industries.  

Usage Guidelines: 

  • Switch off all electrical / electronic equipment before spraying them.  
  • Spray surfaces, medical devices and lights etc. thoroughly from a distance of approx. 30 cms. 
  • Spray 20-40 ml. of solution per sq. meter for instant disinfection and allow alcohol to dry. 
  • To be sprayed according to label claim or as per recommendations from hospital’s infection control committee.  
  • Spraying should be done with manual sprayer only.  
  • Spray till surface becomes visibly wet and allow it to dry for 5-10 mins for optimum result. 
  • Do not spray on alcohol resistant surfaces. 
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Our Promise of Quality: 

  • All our raw materials are imported and purchased from credible vendors certified under US or European FDA regulations. The only ingredient we purchase locally is water, and that too only after it has been treated with industrial reverse osmosis methods. 
  • Every batch of raw materials that enters our facility is tested thoroughly and rigorously, to ensure consistency in the superior quality of our products. For more information, please visit this link.  
  • Our products protect the delicate balance of the environment. Their caressing effect on nature reflect our commitment to build a better future for generations to come. 
  • Our world’s most beautiful creatures are often the most sensitive. Through our commitment to quality and guarantee of efficacy, we strive to ensure that our products are safe to use, and that the results create an environment to sustain the most delicate of lives. 
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