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2016-03-15 (11)

1 Case of 1 L contains 10 bottles at
1 Case of 5 L contains 2 cans at

Instry Zym


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Instru Zym is an enzymatic instrument cleaner for endoscopy and surgery with the added advantage of disinfection. It is a liquid concentrate used for cleaning of all types of surgical instruments, endoscopy equipment and anaesthesia accessories.

  • Multi enzymatic formulation dissolves all types of bio burden like Protein, Blood, Fat, Albumin, Polysaccharides.
  • Effective with cold and warm water.
  • Neutral pH offers higher degree of safety to the surgical instruments.
  • Prevents bio-films which harbour bacteria, rendering them resistant against disinfectants.
  • Bacteria and virus inactivating compounds protect while handling solid usage solutions.
  • Low usage concentration, highly economical. Pleasant minty fragrance.
Rigid Endoscopes
  • Useful for pre-cleaning of flexible & rigid endoscopes.
  • Cleaning of tubing, resuscitators & nebulizers.
  • Pre-cleaning of dental instruments & accessories.

Can be used for manual cleaning & with ultrasonic bath.

Certifications and Microbiological Test Reports:

  •  CE Certification
  •  EN 132727 medical instrument usage test report from HYGCEN, Germany (Latest – May 5, 2015)
  •  BVDV/Vaccinia :
     Dr. Steinmann, Bremen, 2005
  •  HBV/HIV-inactivating :
     Dr. Steinmann, Bremen, 2000
  •  Degradation of bio-films :
     Dr. Seipp, HSK Wiesbaden, 1999
  •  Bactericidal according to EN 1040 :
     Dr. Höffler – Institutür Technische Mikrobiologie (Institute for Technical Microbiology) 
  •  Elimination of fibrins:
      PEREG GmbH, Waldkraiburg, 2001
  •  Quantitative Suspension Test for the evaluation of bactericidal activity on medical instruments according to
    EN 13727 (phase 2, step 1) from HYGCEN, Germany (2013)

Our partners in Germany have meticulously engineered this product and used surfactants of premium quality. Due to this, Instru Zym produces superlative cleaning efficacy.

Dr.Deppe a German company established in 1980 by Dr. H. D. Deppe. The company is an DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 13485 and DIN EN 46002 certified German company, since 1998.For more information about Dr. Deppe, please visit this link.

Every batch of raw materials that enters our facility is tested thoroughly and rigorously, to ensure consistency in the superior quality of our products. For more information, please visit this link.

Water footprints on leaf

Instru Zym protects the delicate balance of the environment. Its caressing effect on nature reflects our commitment to build a better future for generations to come.

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