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Sekusept PLUS

International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine, vol 195, pg.357-365 (1994): "When comparing the effect profile of the new antimicrobial substances Glucoprotamin with that of the known antimicrobial substances available in the market, glucoprotamin is quite similar to the two aldehydes - formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde; however, it is clearly better then QAC, beguanides and phenol derivates."

How you benefit:

  • No more Glutraldehyde fumes. No eye, skin or respiratory irritation.
  • Aldehyde free highly effective patented formulation: low concentration needed , hence very economical.
  • Glucoprotamin has broad spectrum activity like aldehydes and has compatibility with man, material and environment.
  • Approved by OE endoscopes manufacturers-assured material compatibility with endoscopes and surgical products.
  • Outstanding cleansing and disinfecting strength even in heavily contaminated instruments.
  • Effective against Hepatitis B virus in MAD test gives highest degree of safety from a scientifically proven test.
  • Low volatility makes it suitable for use with ultrasound, has a pleasant fragrance.
  • DGHM certification best possible assurance for the user.
  • Diluted solution can be used for 14 days.

Comparison of Surgical Instrument Disinfectants

Evaluation criteria Sekusept PLUS 2% Activated Glutaraldehyde Combination of aldehydes
Composition Glucoprotamin Glutaraldeyde Formaldehyde, Glutaraldehyde & other chemicals
Mode of use 4% dilution with potable water. can be prepared as per need Activated. The entre 5 ltr solution has to be consumed 2-10% dilution with potable water can be prepared as per need
Tolerance to skin and eyes Aldehyde free No irritation at all Highly- irritant High-Moderate irritation
Required Contact Time for Disinfection 15 mins 15mins 15 mins(on high dilution%)
Required Contact Time for cold sterilization 60mins 8-10 Hrs 1-5 hrs(on high dilution%)
pH Alkaline (7.5-8.5) Alkaline (8.2-9.2) Acidic (5.5-6.5)

Areas of application:

For the disinfection of instrument made of metal, glass etc. Particularly appropriate for thermo sensitive material which is disinfected but can not be sterilized, e.g. en aesthetic equipment, flexible endoscopes etc.